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Pos Token Earn by Holding your Token

Pos Token Earn by Holding your Token

Have you ever think about holding your token will give you earning like interest for particular interval of time. then here is the token POS proof of stake token .

Why POS Token??

In cryptoWorld there is 2 major algorithm works Proof of Work and Proof Stake Even though More algorithm Proposed these two are the most famous among all algorithm .Because Bitcoin is the first which is introduced P2P or Peer to peer Cryptocurrency which is used proof of work concept . After some time in 2012 Peercoin was introduced which was used Proof of Stake concept.

There is lots of coins introduced in crypto world based on proof of work and proof of stake .Now PoSToken first implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism as an Ethereum Token. Holders of PoSToken can get revenues by holding PoSToken for a period of time. It works the same way as Peercoin and any other coin with Proof-of-Stake algorithm do.

PoSToken is the ethereum based worlds first Proof of stake Token.Then you might have question how about PeerCoin??

PoSToken is worlds first Proof of stake token which is using ERC20 token and all its standard . Where Peercoin is the coin which was not using any smart contract platform. As an Ethereum token, PoSToken first implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, meaning that every holder can earn some extra tokens just by holding PoSToken for a period

What is minimum Coinage and Percentage of Interest??

at least 3 days, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age . Once you finish that you can use any ethereum wallet mostly i use Myetherwallet.

Interest structure For Holding the Token??

How POS mining works??

By considering the convenience of use and the consumption of less gas, PoSToken provides two methods to trigger PoS mining. However, the basic premise of starting PoS mining is that you must have held some tokens at least 3 days. Then you can start PoS Mining by: using the following procedure Sending a transaction to your own address with any amount of POS. then . Using or Mist or any other software that can interact with contracts to execute mint() function in PoSToken smart contract.

POSTOKENSTANDARD : More over ethereum erc20 standard they are using POS Token Standard .where the idea of PoSToken is not only to issue a simple Ethereum Token with Proof-ofStake but also to define a brand new Token Standard for Proof-of-Stake tokens. A interface including some standard functions was defined in the code of PoSToken.

PoSTokenStandard is a new Token Standard devised specifically for issuing Proof-of-Stake tokens and maintained by PoSToken Dev Team. Although it’s an unofficial Token Standard

Where I can Find The functionalities ??
You can find the funtionality of mint in please go through that .

What is maximum Supply??

There will be maximum supply of 10 million Tokens.

Initially one million will be created .The Max Total Supply will only be reached in about 15 years or a little longer at the set PoS interest rate. Once 10 Million is reached, no more PoSToken will be generated via PoS.

Why this will be so great compare to other token??

Because 80% of the coin will be airdropped . So keep your ethereum wallet ready. Here you will get double benefit . First you will receive free token in airdrop then you will start earn on the token which your holding what else required . Grab them Sooon.

Great its really interesting Where shall I buy this token ??

Its already listed in major exchanges like Etherdelta you can buy and hold it in your Myetherewallet .

How can i get Free airdrop??
You can got through this link . But you should have bitcoin talk ID

PoSToken Free Airdrop Platform

Whats is bitcointalk??

It is one of the largest forum in crypto world community where everything and every details you will get about crypto world.

So don’t wait grab as soon as you can . Be a part of great change and get hand full of earning by just holding token.

Sources and all the links about project

Website :

White Paper :

GitHub :


Email :

Centra The Debit card For Crypto Curency Holder Bitcoin Ethereum and Many Other

Centra is the new revolution in crypto currency world by giving accebility to spend Most of the crypto currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Zcash, and Dash many other adding using Centra Debit card and Centra Wallet. And centra is world’s first Debit Card that is designed for use with compatibility on 8+ major cryptocurrencies blockchain assets

Centra Card and Wallet

But it is not limited to Only spending crytpo currency in real world and exchange crypto currency to Fiat in no Fees ! Yes you heard it correct 0% fees . You will be able to convert blockchain asset in real time at market value to the fiat used without any fees using CCE module.

How about security and why should i trust Centra to Keep all my Blockchain Assets in Centra Wallet??

The Centra Wallet allows the storage of your block chain assets securely with full insurance on your assets from theft and hackers. And also Trust knowing your funds will be secure on our network without worrying. You will also have the ability to fine tune settings to fit your needs for both your wallet and card.

How About Ecommerce buyers or If I want to spend it in Online shopping?? The online platform online market place

Yes you can able to buy more than 100,000 product from online marketplace using your crytpo currency .centra will give the world the ability to spend their assets to purchase real goods on the internet. Choose from electronics, clothing items, household goods and more with worldwide shipping. The Cryptocurrency marketplace will allow vendors in the future to list their products for sale on the platform.

How can buy or Own this awesome Product ??

Here is the token sale link :

What is token sale and CTR token??

You can able to buy Centra Token (CTR) during crowdsale . There will be many benefits for Centra Troken Holders. Centra reward system has been designed to give incentives to users whom hold the tokens.

CTR Tokens may be purchased via BTC, ETH, or LTC. CTR Tokens have been designed to be able to be used in cBay Marketplace as well as spendable on the Centra Card worldwide anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard. CTR Tokens will be available to purchase on Exchanges like Bittrex , coinexchange post the ICO period.

Centra is already listed on some of the Exchanges.

Centra Token sale starts in September 19th to get your chance to purchase the Centra Card & CTR Tokens while supplies last.

There will be huge benefit for the user buy from Token sale So then why waiting grab your CTR .

Official Link :

Token Sale Link :